Medical Coding, Billing & A.R Services For U.S.A Healthcare

This service is like our cup of cake or super specialization as our coding experts who are certified via AHIMA/AAPC organizations are putting their efforts with the use of technical expertise to judge the appropriate documentation given by the clinician and code it up to the maximum level of specificity.The Mission & Vision of our Indusmed Medical Coding is to provide the maximum and accurate revenue/reimbursement of the claim to our clients which really makes a difference in the whole cycle of the claims and ultimately leads to the best patient care as all your worries of getting the accurate reimbursement is on our team of Passionate Coders.

Our Coding team is proficient with:-

  • CPT, ICD-9, ICD-10 & HCPCS coding for various specialties
  • American & Canadian Dental System Coding
  • Payer Specific Coding Requirements
  • AMA Documentation Requirements

Our Coding Specialties Basket:-

  • Surgery Coding/ASC - Our Core strength
  • ED Coding  - Strong Expertise
  • HCC Coding - Experienced coder to catch up on your project.
  • Radiology Coding  
  • E&M Coding
  • Ophthalmology Coding
  • Lab & Pathology Coding
  • American Dental System Coding  

Patient Demographics Entry

Data entry of information should be the least of your concerns. However, if not done correctly, data entry errors will also lead to the loss of your money. At Indusmed, We have expertise in Demographic and Charge entry service which leads to accuracy of data and minimize the losses occur due to clerical/typo/system errors.
Our Insurance specialists enter the required patient demographic details as provided by the patients at the time of the visit. For established patients, we validate these details and necessary changes, if any, are made to the patient records on the practice management system and use the current active details for further billing of the claims.

Medical Billing

Medical Billing has become the crucial part of revenue management for the healthcare service provider and hospitals. Millions of dollars are lost annually due to under pricing, coding errors, missed charges and un-reimbursed claims. IndusMed's medical billing service enables to eliminate these loses and accurately process the medical billing. Our professional approach and expertise always helps our client by freeing with the tedious tasks of billing and follow-up function. Our medical billing service incorporates latest technological and software developments and is very user friendly. Medical Billing service is customized to meet individual clients specific requirements.

Payment Posting

Indusmed Payment Posting solutions save valuable time, improve data accuracy, and accelerate the flow of money into the proper accounts. We provide you with services for filing and posting of Hardcopy Explanation of Benefits (EOB’s) and Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA’s). We also undertake reconciliation of accounts and file secondary claims as applicable.

  • EOB filing or scanning
  • Manual or Electronic Payer Interface Posting
  • Denial posting and processing
  • Reconciliation  
  • Credit Balance Process  
  • Secondary Claims process
  • Indusmed works on the denials (clinical, technical as well as short-payment denials) immediately after posting is completed.
  • Denials are analyzed and appropriate actions taken.  


    Delivery Center

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  • Uttar Pradesh

    Overseas Office

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  • Dubai, U.A.E

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